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The Ultimate Tech Stack for Dealmakers in 2023

The Ultimate Tech Stack for Dealmakers in 2023

Winning deals quickly is now considered an even more crucial skill for a wide range of professionals, including tech entrepreneurs, CEOs, investment bankers, venture capitalists, M&A specialists, CROs, VP of sales, VP of business development, and account executives. This has become especially important in the post-COVID world with high interest rates. 

The findings are based on a survey of 3,086 dealmakers in the US, Canada, UK, and Israel, representing various industries such as enterprise software (44.1%), fintech (17.9%), martech (9.2%), salestech (6.7%), HR (4.8%), DevOps (3.31%), cybersecurity (2.9%), workplace (1.8%), collaboration (1.3%), legal (0.89%), logistics (0.54%), and IaaS, PaaS, IPaaS & Web3.0 (6.56%). This information was last updated on January 1st, 2023.


4.6 (603)

Raising venture money might be the hardest and most demanding task in the life of an early stage entrepreneur. One of the best ways to ease the process and avoid wasting time is to "aim well" by targeting the right kind(s) of investors from day one. The Investor DB vertical is a competitive one [D&B, ZI, Demandbase, CB Insights, PEI, Apollo, etc.] but when it comes to venture capital data, one name keeps rising to the top: PitchBook. More info: As a specialty-focused information resource, PitchBook's core strength is its ability to collect, organize and analyze hard-to-find private equity deal data.PitchBook's flagship product is the web-based PitchBook Platform, as well as its daily newsletter and research reports. Learn More

4.8 (588)

Very few tech solutions target the very essence of what it takes to "persuade" or "influence" a prospect. When it comes to raising capital, the prospects (angels & VCs) are as sophisticated as it gets, and that's exactly when soft skills make all the difference in the world. Substrata, a relatively new company (founded in 2020), has quickly and quietly become one of the most valuable tools in the founder's fundraising basket. Its Email analysis AI product (called "Q"), processes both verbal and non-verbal cues to "read between the lines" and help the user assess what's really going on. It helps discover the the real position of the prospect and how to communicate in order to increase the chances of a handshake.

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4.4 (461)

This is the 4th time that DocuSign is on our list. While it is no longer "revolutionary" (PandaDoc, HelloSign, Proposify, etc.), it still no less than absolutely essential.

The tech industry is all about removing friction, and when a complex round is moving towards the finish line, very few things matter more.
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4.3 (443)

Unless you've been living under a rock or in a very dark cave during covid, Zoom needs no introduction. Zoom maintains its status as the "Nike of virtual meetings" to the point where using other tools like Google Meet, MS teams or GoToMeeting is now considered to be an "annoying behavior".

Despite fierce competition, Zoom are the winners and their platform is by far, the preferred way to communicate according to 92% of our survey respondants.
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4.1 (396)

The CRM market is teeming with fresh alternatives: from Hubspot and Pipedrive to Freshsales, Affinity, ClickUp and hundreds of other (better) solutions. Salesforce is indeed a dinosaur but it'll take an asteroid to replace it.

In the meantime, it's still no.1. Habits die hard. CRMs dire harder.
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Additional software and SaaS (Software as a Service brands) that were mentioned but did not get into the list include: Gong, Chorus, Aviso, Avoma, Clari, Wingman, Dooly,, Conversica, Regie, CrystalKnows, Novacy, Lavender,, Poised, WriteCream, Veloxy, ScratchPad, Salie,, Signals, ChatFunnels, Troops, FullCircl, Asapp, Mindtickle, Fathom, Salesken, Balto, Allego, Jiminny, BoostUp,ai, MediaFly Coach360, Invoca, Tethr, VoiceOps, Modjo, SecondNature, Observe AI, Versational,, Googdmeetings, DialPad sell, Connect & Sell, CB Insights, Private Equity International (PEI), Zoominfo, Apollo, Lusha, Hubspot, 4degrees, Affinity, Vauban, Salesroom, etc.