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A Crucial Tech Stack For Early Founders

The Ultimate Tech Stack for Early-Stage Founders
[ Part I]

Your new startup’s technology stack is among the most important “foundation stones” of your business. This unique combination of software products will not only need to be working smoothly but also easy to use, secure, private and cost-effective. Choosing the right stack can be tricky, but making the right choices pays off big time. Presenting’s editor’s choices, Part II will follow soon.


4.7 (4,412)

ClickUp is amongst the most essential tools a startup can use. Though, at the core, it is very much a task management platform that can help everyone within your startup stay on track with their responsibilities – ClickUp is much more than that. It can help you and your team regardless of your product or the direction you decide to take for your startup.

ClickUp also features collaborative whiteboards, progress tracking functionalities, a real-time chat system, the ability to manage product roadmaps from ideation to release, and much more.
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4.7 (4,208)
As an early founder, you will have loads of deal-related emails and conversations with important leads – however, sometimes it might be hard to read your prospect’s behaviors and emotions, find out if you are in the selling zone, and how to optimize your own communication. The SubStrata behavioral intelligence platform analyses all your email communication and tells you whether you have the upper hand, and gives direct feedback on how to improve the chance of a successful sale.

Using Substrata to analyze the hidden emotions of your lead, prospect, or customer will not only increase your closing rate and instill confidence in your new customers but will also dramatically shorten the sales cycle.
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4.5 (1,436)

Amplitude was designed to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior on autopilot. The software tracks every click and interaction customers make with your products, which are then used to formulate behavioral patterns, make recommendations, and predict outcomes such as engagement, growth, and customer loyalty.

As an early founder, understanding customer behavioral patterns is key, and Amplitude is a clear power tool that can help you with that.
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4.8 (3,612)

During the early stages of a startup, one of the biggest challenges is to align the team, so everyone can start collaborating effectively and work in sync. Miro is one of the best visual collaboration tools on the market, which can help in-house and remote teams come together anytime, anywhere – and get work done. Learn More

4.5 (797)

Great products are built by teams who know the exact needs of their users – and that is exactly what Mixpanel can help your startup with. Using Mixpanel – you and your team can go beneath the surface and understand the motives and behaviors of your most valuable users, which will help you increase customer lifetime value.

Besides that – the powerful and self-serving product analytics within Mixpanel will help you increase the engagement and conversion of potential customers by understanding exactly how your product is used and what causes users to drop off.
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As a founder – you will be wearing a lot of hats. From employee training to customer service and product quality control – your responsibilities within the new business will be endless, and buying back time while making sure every aspect of the company moves in the right direction is crucial to the success of your startup.

Though hiring the right talent will play a crucial part in your startup’s success, using tools and software to help you manage your team better and understand your customer behaviors at the core will have a dramatic impact on your company’s short and long-term success.