6 Insane Under the Radar Startups Coming from Israel


Even in the midst of COVID-19, the Israeli startup scene is far from slowing down. From AI-as-a-service, to conversational intelligence, to cloud security, Israeli startups are engaged in developing some of the most cutting-edge technology. And, even if you haven’t heard much about them, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth taking notice of. Here, we look at 6 incredible, but less talked about Israeli tech startups so you can embrace what’s in store for the world ahead. Their solutions may seem like they belong in the realm of science fiction instead of hard facts, yet, their results are hard to argue with.

1. BeyondMinds

You’ve probably heard of AI solutions for business, but what about production-grade AI-as-a-service? BeyondMinds is an Israeli firm that understands the need for a scalable AI system that can be used in both large and small-scale enterprises. Their modular design is ideal for scaling since companies that need a larger, more robust AI back end can simply add more modules to increase the power and depth of the processing they currently have. The company aims to make AI more accessible to more companies around the globe. It’s exciting to see how far AI technology has advanced under their development.

2. Lightico

Lightico is a Tel Aviv-based company that’s looking to change how business-to-consumer (B2C) interactions work. There are already many businesses doing what Lightico aims to do for business-to-business (B2B) transactions, which is to establish a secure gateway between parties. Lightico simply offers this service to B2C companies at a reasonable cost. What Lightico brings to the table is a simple, easily integrable method for connecting clients and businesses together. It aims to create a mobile-first platform that helps users share documents or complete payments quickly and easily. B2C companies can even integrate it into their existing back-end software, like SalesForce.

3. Substrata

Substrata is a sales and conversational intelligence solution that leverages social signal processing technology using AI and deep learning systems to pick up on social cues and nuances that the average human is likely to miss. With AI-based analysis into email threads, customer calls, and other contact mediums, their solution provides a unique, visual context for understanding client relationships, while detecting subtleties in text or conversation that it returns to the user through valuable insights and precise instruction. This contender is one to keep an eye on.

4. Frontegg

One of the things that they teach all software engineers is that it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel. Frontegg works with this ideology, offering Software-as-a-Service companies a set of pre-developed building blocks they can fit together to start offering their services right away. Also based in Tel Aviv, Frontegg hopes to offer SaaS startups a quick and easy solution to get off the ground with.

5. Wiz

With everything migrating to the cloud these days, it is important to have the most secure system possible. Wiz is disrupting the cybersecurity industry with its unique solution to detect only real, potential threats to your cloud system and reduce the number of security alerts you may receive. Additionally, it critically asses areas that leave your network vulnerable to attack while providing quick remediation, so you are not left unprotected for long. It is designed to make the cloud work for security teams.

6. Al21 Labs

AI21 Labs has a vision that encompasses taking artificial intelligence and combining it with human perception. The Israeli company recently released a piece of software known as Wordtune, allowing users to rewrite sentences based on tone. It can even contract or expand them, allowing the AI to learn from their preference. While we’re a long way off before AI can develop coherent words and sentences without a lot of fine-tuning, this allows humans to use the vast experience AI has to offer to help them communicate better.

What To Expect in the Near Future

A few of these companies have already sought (and found) funding from American venture capital firms, but the majority are still making their rounds (pun intended). However, based on what they can do, we predict each one of them becoming a force to be reckoned with as they receive the right funding for their growth and expansion. You done heard it here first!